School of Depth is an online mentorship school for individuals desiring to make a journey of discovery into the deep things of God. As an individual tired of superficial, lukewarm Christianity lacking the fire and power of God, but desiring a more intense and meaningful walk with God, this is the perfect program

Our desire is to see every student connect with God, mature, live out the deeper life and step into the purpose of God for their lives, serving God acceptably...readmore

Calendar for Batch A20

Start date: 1st May 2019.

Course work ends: 31st July 2019

Start date: 1st May 2019.

Last date for project submission: August 2019.

Graduation: August 2019.

New season will be annouced later


Who Should Register for SOD

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Benefits of Attending for SOD

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How to Register for SOD

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Treasure Hunt

This eBook is designed to help you go hunt for treasures based on principles that ensure every action you take in this regard are actually accepted by heaven and you’re not just wasting your time. Are you ready? Then let’s go Treasure Hunting.

The Productivity Quadrant

Most times we set great goals only to find out at the tail end that we did not really achieve the main things we should have achieved. This is because activity does not equate to productivity. This short book will teach you how to identify the things that really matter, and make plans for your life with productivity in mind.

School of the depth

This is an introductory video of school of the spirit by the director

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